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Clayton Jennings – I Didn’t Know You Were Loving Me

Clayton Jennings I Didn’t Know You Were Loving Me
Clayton Jennings I Didn’t Know You Were Loving Me
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Contemporary American worship leader and talented songwriter Clayton Jennings released a brand new single melody tagged Jennings I Didn’t Know You Were Loving Me. Download the song below and please share your thoughts.

Clayton Jennings – I Didn’t Know You Were Loving Me LYRICS
This is my art, my release to release
And when I see Jesus, I’m gonna fall at His feet
I’m six-foot-three but won’t feel so tall when we meet
Approach You slow while I crawl on my knees
God, You should know that You’re all that I need
Frozen in snow, but You set me free
I’ve chosen to flow, Devil let me breathe
Got a few more years of this poetry in me
God, it’s You who plucked me from obscurity
Rushed to rescue me while the Devil was hurting me
Hushed the hyenas and demons murdering, murmuring
Eliminating gossip, thе Gospel can’t be cancelеd
Nobody, no lobby, no liar can stop it
Toss me your mic, but be warned that I’ll drop it
A little like Elon, got launched like a rocket

God spilled holy water on me, now I use that mic that I dropped to mop it
Gates of Heaven, not even my haters can knock it
In God I trust, but I don’t trust the government
Question if they’re factual
How’re they supposed to back our capital if they couldn’t protect the Capitol?
Capital gains ensured by capital brains more than likely means magical games
Money out of thin air
Politicians thick with the theft, thin with the hair
Stomach inflation, ride along with the economy
If you won’t give us a hand, at least give us honesty
How’re we supposed to be united if we’re still social distancing?
God keeps trying to get our attention, but it’s like nobody’s listening
We became deaf to the spiritual, mute to the monsters

I hear a voice from Heaven, God, it’s You, and You got this
Holy ghost writer, I’m consistently constant with this content
I don’t have riches, no chains, not even enough fame to flaunt it
But then I think about Your stitches
The names You were called and the whips You were flogged with
You were made poor for me in my poverty
I’d rather be penniless than choose parasites over paradise
Demons repeating the Devil’s lies
Didn’t work once, won’t work twice
Repetition doesn’t mean submission, but parrots try
And if your dad or mom said that God isn’t real, then your parents lied
Pushed you to depression, suicidal thoughts, don’t you dare die
You aren’t here on accident, God has a plan for your life
And some of you wonder why I’m so passionate, this is my life
You’d spend yours trying to help the hurting, too, if you’ve had the visions I’ve seen with these eyes
Teenage suicides, grief after homicides
Greeting grieving mothers with tears in their eyes

“My son posted your poem the same day that he died”
A final note to the world, and I wiped my eyes
“My daughter followed you but struggled with suicide and followed through”
“Hey, man, is it too late for me to be calling you? I’m struggling”
Man, my mission is smothering
But then I remember the call, and God’s covering
Sinner turned son, my salvation came suddenly
I was so busy hating myself I couldn’t see You were loving me
He loves you, too, I’m telling you lovingly
And it’s not too late to one-eighty your life
Don’t wait ’til tomorrow to make things right
Don’t forget who you are, you were made to fight
Dementia to the demons who made you cry
Glory to the King who saved your life
Because He’s the same King who saved mine

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