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Blessing Osaghae – Quickening (Live)

Blessing Osaghae Quickening Mp3 Download
Blessing Osaghae Quickening Mp3 Download
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Blessing Osaghae is a worship leader, minister and songwriter. She is also a pastor who diligently and whole-heartedly serves God and leads people into the Holy of Holies through the simple act of worship. Her passion is to stir up the fire of God in the heart of many young people and to help others seek a deeper relationship with God.

Her drive to see revival and the outpouring of God’s spirit start in the United Kingdom and beyond has continued to be the focal point of her ministry and her music.

This October, Blessing releases her second single titled “Quickening” from the Album Ignite.

The story behind the song Quickening is birthed from the scripture Romans 8:11 which says “if the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, He will quicken your mortal body”.

This is what she has to say about the song Quickening. “At the start of every month, God gives our church a theme, which we run with. For one month in 2019, I was praying and the theme of the month wasn’t coming. I began to bother Heaven, telling God that our church needs to hear what God is saying about that month. Suddenly, I heard the word “Quickening” which means to bring something to life”.

I knew without a doubt that this was God and immediately sent a message to our media team.

While I was writing to the media team that this is the month of Quickening, the Holy Spirit literally took over my fingers. I found myself writing every lyric in this song and by the time I was done writing to them, the full song was born.

It’s her desire that all who listen to the song will experience the life-giving spirit of God quicken dead areas of their lives.

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If the same spirit
That raised Jesus from the dead
If the same power
That makes a man resurrect

That same spirit that revives
Makes alive
Lives in you
There’s gonna be a quickening

Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

When that same spirit
Walks in this room
There’s a shaking
When He takes on a yoke
I hear breaking

Then I expect a quickening

Then I expect a quickening

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