Best Of Yinka Ayefele Songs
Best Of Yinka Ayefele Songs

Best Of Yinka Ayefele Songs

Download the best of the Nigerian gospel music singer, songwriter and contemporary worship leader Yinka Ayefele. The gospel fuji ace “Yinka Ayefele” have released many albums to his credit… Like, “Bitter Experience” which was dropped 1998, “Sweet Experience” in year
2000, “Devine Intervention” in
2004, “Prayer Point” in the year
2011, in 2014 Ayefele released “Overcomer”, 2015 was not an exceptional as he dropped “Upliftment”, Fresh Glory
2016, and “Living Testimony” in

Download All Mp3 Of Yinka Ayefele below and take a moment to share your useful thoughts. And also visit this site home page for tunba songs as well as spirit and soul lifting melodies.

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DOWNLOAD: Beyond The Limits
DOWNLOAD: Absolute Praise
DOWNLOAD: Beru Ba Monuro
DOWNLOAD: Fulfilment
DOWNLOAD: Bitter Experience
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Yinka Ayefele music
The talented gospel singer has been releasing albums ever since 1998. Yinka Ayefele music has become so popular that the man was awarded the cultural ambassador in Ekiti.

Here is the list of his main studio albums: Bitter Experience – 1998 Sweet Experience – 1999 Something Else – 2000 Divine Intervention – 2001 Fun Fair – 2002 Life After Death – 2003 Aspiration – 2004 Fulfilment – 2005 New Dawn – 2006 Next Level – 2007

As you can see, the music star releases one album every year. Sometimes he even presents two albums per year. This happened in 2008 when Nigeria saw the presentation of Absolute Praise and Gratitude. The 2009-2016 also were marked by the release of new studio albums with Yinka Ayefele music, including Transformation, Everlasting Grace, Prayer Point, Goodness of God, Comforter, Overcomer, Upliftment and Fresh Glory. In 2017, there was the album titled Living Testimony. The gospel music is really incredible because the man sings in different languages, including English, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.

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