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Abejoye Season 5 Episode 4

Abejoye Season 5 Episode 4 Download
Abejoye Season 5 Episode 4 Download

You need to come and watch, if you haven’t watched it. The way kin kinuin demonstrated the power of God, despite all the challenge from she faced from her formal witches group… You need see how the leader (Iya Gbogbo) of all the black, red, white witches in Ajigbogun and it’s environment challenge her, at first, i thought she was going to be defeated. And this was a sad moment for me because i thought she would be more dangerous and wicked, even more than before. However, after all she was victorious. From her victory, i understand that only those that dwell in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under God’s shadow.


This is a good movie for every Christian home. If our children can be watching this kind of Goodly film, the society would be a better place. Download Abejoye season 5 episode 4 below and please share with other people.

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